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I have been modelling off and on for a year now with a handful of photographers. When I am not modelling I spend most of my time at studios assisting, applying make-up and planning shots for my portfolio. I also work work promotions for the radio station in Newcastle upon Tyne (Metro Radio), I really enjoy it, it's all fun, as are most of us geordies! I am very passionate and have a keen eye for beauty, I can play almost any role, but prefer to just be! if that makes any sense. My favorite photographers, Bob Carlos Clarke (just shot an advert for jeans i think using blow jobs, just goes to show its the new millenium): I think his fine art shots, and black and white printing is fabulous! John Kelly and David Baily (very under-rated): I still love the old style glamour photography, naturally beautiful girls and stolen moments. Shots of girls that you could just reach out and touch, inviting, comforting looks, like the Pirelli Calendars, Beautiful! My favorite models, Helena Christianson: What beautiful dreamy eyes, so natural not to mention a beautiful body and face. She is fabulous in the video for Wicked Game! Linda Lusardi and Samantha Fox (very under-rated, because of that song i think): Linda because she has sucha great personality that shines through her smile. Sam because she was so naturally bubbly, she just loved it! She loved the attention and the glory, plus she seems the kind of girl who would try anything once!

Name: Miss Kelly Close
Type: Classic (ie: fits most jobs)
Born: Newcastle upon Tyne
Based: Central London
DOB: 20/03/1980
Height: 5' 5"
Bust: 34c
Waist: 24" Hips: 34"
Dress: 8-10 Shoe: 4-5
Hair: Long, Brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Birth Sign: Pisces Music: Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Peggy Lee, Dean Martin.
Food: Midnight Cookies and Cream Ice Cream by Hagan Daz
Actor/Actress: Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Marylin Monroe.
Film: Pretty Woman, Funny Face, Singing in the Rain
Place: Amsterdam, Florence, Paris, Milan, Rome.

modeling rates for Miss Kelly Close are as follows:
Rates to Pro's, + £20 to Amateur's and Semi Pro's.
portrait - fashion @ £15 per hour
bikini - lingerie @ £25 per hour
topless - fetish @ £35 per hour
nude @ £50 per hour 2 hrs min booking. Travel expences required.
Kelly Close UK glamour model Kelly Close glamour model   Kelly Close glamour model UK
To book Miss Kelly Close CLICK HERE or phone 01323 648000
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